Kristin Brogaard :: Owner / Chief Visionary

Kristin_Brogaard_Neuharth_NEUDesignCompanyWhat do coloring on the walls as a 3 year old and running the neighborhood lemonade stand have in common?

Other than being fun and smart decisions, both laid the foundation for a creative and entrepreneurial spirit which has lead me to running my own graphic design business.

NEUdesign Company combines all the things that bring me joy between art, design and business. It allows me to create a positive, professional experience for clients while providing design solutions that exceed their needs. Building and sustaining lasting relationships through design is what it’s all about.

Before venturing out on my own, my professional career had me hit the ground running as the sole designer for an education curriculum company of over 200 people. From there, I continued with in-house corporate design for a healthcare software company, the entertainment industry through cable-networks, and various projects in the sports world.

Leading campaigns, managing other designers and spearheading concepts for brands has given me a solid and thorough background for the do’s and don’ts in running a creative design business. A background in the arts and Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Visual Communication and Design from the University of Nebraska-Kearney gave me the foundation and principles of design. Now, with almost 20 years of experience and an extensive background in print, logo and web design, I create brand continuity that meets all your design needs. No design solution is too big or too small.

After living in Colorado for 15 years, I currently reside in Nashville, TN and continue serving clients across the country and globally. My days are filled with design, building relationships and being outside. Every day I’m able to do what I love is a gift. True joy. All these elements combine to help me serve you best.

Let’s create something NEU together!