Barista Parlour Golden Sound  |  Nashville, TN

This coffee shop serves more than just tasty coffee. The history of the location comes through in the current design. From an auto body shop, to a recording studio and now a coffee roastery, the uniqueness has been preserved.

When you enter, take a few minutes to soak in the design details before ordering your first cup or snack. The walls are lined with books, records, and BP items which promote the brand. The large windows let in natural light accentuating the color of the natural wood tables and colorful stools. The creative lighting fixtures add brightness, while not detracting from nature’s sunlight. They provide a cozy and open feel.

One entire wall is covered in an art sculpture that changes color softly. Upon further inspection, you’ll find it is made entirely of paper, giving it a very light and airy feeling which balances the size.

Kudos to the design and planning that went into this location. Thank you for attention to design detail. Good to the last drop!

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