Welcome to another new year! For my business, it’s time to get new metrics in place, systems ready for a new calendar year of quotes, invoices, networking, databases, etc. Many of us start off with new goals too. I’m no different. Achievable goals, hopefully. Measurable. It’s also a time to look at the way we […]Continue Reading


Three Steps to Handling Difficult Client Situations Black. White. And tons of gray. Did they just say that? Can they do that? Business ethics can feel like swimming in an abyss sometimes. From my experience as a creative designer in the corporate world, people frequently stabbed others in the back like it was yesterday’s coffee. […]Continue Reading


[ The post below was written as a guest writer for Crayons and Marketers. View it on their site at: http://bit.ly/28O95a9] Have you ever been at a sporting event and seen someone you know sitting in a section nearby? It’s too loud for them to hear their phone, so what do you do? You holler […]Continue Reading


Why, thank you. I’d love one. Orange you glad I didn’t say banana? That’s about all I have for orange jokes. Meet Orange = Spontaneous. Optimistic. Vibrant. Uplifting! Orange is extroverted. A warm and inviting color, it encourages communication and promotes conversation.1 Warm colors with orange are great for areas where people congregate and spend […]Continue Reading


Talk about double meanings! Like our friends red and green, blue is prolific with significance. Our men in blue, wear navy because it is a reliable, responsible and authoritative color. Lighter blues represent tranquility, peace and relaxation. Want to relax by a lake or the ocean? Water is blue (yes, I know water isn’t really […]Continue Reading


With another St. Patrick’s Day upon us, stores, establishments and advertising are bringing the color green to our attention. As with red, this color also seems to run the gamut of meanings. From negative emotions including envy and jealousy to nature, newness and naivete. Green can signify good luck as in the Irish culture…or banishment […]Continue Reading


This is the first of many articles I’m sure I will write about color and its meaning. Words carry meaning, otherwise why would books move us to tears and movie phrases stick with us years after they are out of date? Colors likewise have meaning. They also can run deeper than the general understanding of […]Continue Reading


A mix of factors, ranging from commoditization to evaporating barriers to competition, are conspiring to push design to the fore of business thinking. The Innovation by Design Awards on October 16 will celebrate the controversial ideas, new products, business ventures, and wild ideas highlighted every day on Co.Design. Award Winners in nine categories will be […]Continue Reading