Holler & Dash  |  Brentwood, Tennessee

Holler and Dash in Brentwood, a suburb of Nashville, Tennessee explores not only delicious biscuit recipes, but the world of typography design. Imagine how surprised I was to walk in for a bite to eat and see bursts of color in a very well-designed business located in a strip mall area. Their unique use of collage typography, tile walls, painted wood and stenciled brick show that they are creative in every aspect of their business, not only biscuits. They want their customer to have a great experience all the way around.

Primary colors are accentuated with a mix of texture such as wood, ceramic, glass and brick. The walls do the talking while the tables and chairs are clean, modern and don’t detract from the surroundings. One side of the restaurant is all windows which allows the natural light to play off the colors and textures cascading in warm tones.

Holler and Dash is a design gem with a warm and personal atmosphere. The staff was also very friendly and accommodating with menu questions. This design reviewer was very impressed with their attention to good typography and visually standing out in their industry for more than good food.

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